Still from a video of a man talking with the words 'Text vs Subtext' written on it

I’ve been developing a workshop on pitching. I decided to do that because pitching is something that we all have to do in some ways, and it’s a clear application for public speaking skills.

We won’t all have to give a talk at a conference, but we all do need to introduce ourselves and tell people what we do, now and again. which I’m excited to deliver tomorrow at Venu Amsterdam.

And one of the things I realized is that pitching isn’t just about what you say, it’s also about the subtext. The information that lies beneath your words. So I made a video to explain it a little better.

And designed some new subtext exercises for the workshop as well!

In fact, I’m tempted to add some of these exercises to The Confident Presenter, my book on public speaking that’s coming out as soon as I get my act together and get it over the finish line!

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