Skateboarded out to Mechelen on saturday for Canucks-Stars Game 2 (in taped delay.) It’s vey hot in Belgium right now. Really hot. Though, as we all now, global warming is a hoax.

The Canucks were lacklustre until the end of the game. Why wait until the last 10 minutes to play with urgency, doesn’t take a strategy genius to tell that’s a losing plan. And we lost 2-0.

However, The first ever Dane to play in an NHL Playoff game (his first ever NHL game), that guy was a revelation.

Jannik Hansen came back for game 3, got an asist and 15 minutes of ice time. Canucks won game 3 in Dallas. Now we lead the series 2-1.

Also it sucks that I didn’t get to watch that game, or the first one that we won. But we’re hoping that (the Canadian expat hockeyfans crack dealer) comes through with game 5 or 6 (at least!)

Go Canucks Go!