My wife and I are going back to Canada for Christmas. After a 2.5 year hiatus we will hit my favorite town in the world – Vancouver. There will be lots of eggnog and laughter and sushi with family and friends; we’re both super-excited.

As a pro/con bonus we have to fly in and out of Seattle (so much cheaper than YVR).

This is a ‘positive bonus’ because we plan to spend a couple of nights there, enjoying Seattley things.

This is a ‘negative bonus’ because when booking our tickets we had to provide all kinds of information to Air France to ensure every piece of data mined by the internet, public agencies, informants, and the all-seeing eye, can be easily accessed by American Security Agencies. And merely by passing through the US of A, we will no doubt endure all kinds of stink-eyed scepticism and bureaucracy.

While not a problem per se, it is unnerving knowing that there is so much scrutiny and data being accumulated – not just on myself or my wife, but on anybody who crosses the border.

I guess when so many people hate all of your freedom, you can’t be too careful.

This is all by way of introduction for the following piece of genius.

Not just for America, but designed for them, artist Evan Roth has a new art project – T.S.A. Communications, that lets you tell airport security what’s on your mind. Awesome!
Link (via wooster)