There are two political losers here in Italy: Silvio Berlusconi, the loser of the election, and Romano Prodi, the winner.

Berlusconi has been quoted as syaing “I have not and will not make any telephone call, because why should I give them good wishes?” Silvio, a classless act until the end, has refused to concede defeat in the election, and may likely never do so. What a loser. What a sore loser.

Romano Prodi, the head of the new government of Italy (by the slimmest margin imaginable: .01%) had votes in the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament today. His coalition has a workable majority in the Lower, but not the Upper House. And todays votes show a country that may never pull its head out of its ass. I’m still hopeful that Prodi can work some co-operation out of his coalition partners, but this is not an auspicious beginning. An auspicious beginning would have involved the coalition partners agreeing on something, anything. Anything at all.

No such luck.