…and everybody is happy!

except me.

Things were desperate in the Fantasy Football League. Everybody I’m in contention with all has basically the same players, so I went for broke and picked up another Portuguese at the ultimate transfer stage. Knowing that if POrtugal beat France, I’d be racking up mad points while everybody else watched me rock my way to the top.

But Portugal lost.

In the end this is a good thing. Because Portugal has become the most hated team in international football. Nobody wants to see them do well. They waste time. They dive. Alot. Pretty boy Cristian Ronaldo cries. Alot. Nobody would want to see an Italy Portugal final. In fact, it would’ve hurt Italy and their international reputation. People are starting to see past Italy’s reputation for diving and playing generally ugly football. this is because of transference. People have transferred their ill-will towards Ialy onto Portugal. And that ill-will leaves with Portugal.

However if it was an Italy Portugal final, it would undo that psychological effect. With everybody hating both teams.

But fortunately the final will be Italy France. Which is 2 old school soccer powers. And old Europe countries. Going head-to-head for the greatest trophy in the world.


Couple things happened here:

Everybody in the stadium booed when C. Ronaldo touched the ball.

I think even some Portuguese.

POrtugal got called for a legitimate penalty on Thierry henry in the first half. Which Zidane put into the net. They then fell down every time they entered into the penalty area and looked to the ref for a penalty. But he wasn’t fooled. nobody was. Not even “Big” Phil Scolari’s temper tantrums on the sidelines could change the fact that France is going to the finals because they were the better team.