The relatively awesome play I wrote goes up next week in a real theatre, serving real food, with a real audience. Great. Get a ticket.

I’m excited. And super nervous. Of course I seek validation for my work, naturally. And having won an award, it’s cool. I could’ve coasted, but I’m never satisfied. Now the process is a step further: will the play itself, as performed, be funny and make sense and be entertaining? That I don’t know, and need to know, and will know very soon.

We had our first full run-through last night and it was, ok. Wobbly first steps. One actor doesn’t know her lines. We don’t have enough props or set or sound, and I’ve never actually seen the theatre we’ll be performing in… this list goes on.

But there’s also some great moments. And we’re building on that. And we got rehearsal tonight, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, and then the show goes up on Tuesday. And between now and then we can just keep tightening the screws, picking up cues, bringing big energy and just generally take the first work of an unpublished author as performed by amateur actors in a hard-to-find theatre in Scharbeek and turn it into a cultural tour-de-force.

I believe. Get ready.