The second match of the “Battle of Europe” semi-finals. This should be a hard fought battle. France are the favorites, but Portugal will have Deco back, and C. Ronaldo should be healthy with dry cheeks. Plus their goaltender just proved he’s a fucking superhero from outer space against England. France however have a rejuvenated Zizou, Henry, who’s always good for a goal or two, Patrick Viera, who’s been earning tonnes of Fantasy League points, and, as a team, they just beat Brazil. Essentially they’ve gone from pathetic write-offs, to semi-final favorites in the span of three games.
But I’m not convinced. It’ll be a shame to see Portugal lose in the finals in the second tournament in a row, but that may just be what’ll happen. Or wait, France does know how to win, maybe they’re psyching Portugal out right now, as both teams are battling on the FIFA website to be portrayed as underdogs.
We’ll find out tonight.