PHOTO: Robin Straaijer

I’ve been teaching a whole lot of workshops in the past few months. Some online, some in-person, some in-company, and some IRL for the general public. And I have to say, I’ve been loving the whole process of it. Even the marketing!

But what I’ve really been enjoying is seeing the participants get so much out of the workshops. A couple of recent examples

I taught a workshop on the writing process last night, and the process I developed (the Genius & the Guide) really landed. People seemed genuinely appreciative, and I have a good feeling a number of them will be able to apply it to their writing process immediately.

I taught an in-company intro to improv workshop earlier in the week and toward the end of it, the small group started spontaneously collective storytelling. Now, this wasn’t in the session plan. Or, if it had been, I would’ve done it a much more managed way, to ensure success. But instead, they just started doing it, and it was glorious to watch.

I taught an updated and refreshed version of my Learn to Love Public Speaking sessions. It was amazing to see the progress from the participants, and also see how the new exercises really popped. Plus, I had the excellent Robin Straaijer shoot some photos, and they turned out wonderfully!