Yesterday I did a push up (if you’re in the UK you might know that as a press-up). I also did a sit-up. Today I did two of each. For the next hundred days, I will do one sit up and one push up for every day.

That means tomorrow it’s three of each. And so on to one hundred.

This is because I have joined the Hundred Days to Make me a Better Person project.

There are currently 649 pledges who have all taken the opportunity to do one thing, once each day for the next hundred days. Think of it as a collaborative self-improvement real-world art project. Language learning, being nicer, and writing and drawing things all feature prominently.

You can see the full list of participants at the Hundred Days website. You can also follow the ongoing conversation on Twitter.

Here I’ll be posting regular updates on my ‘ups. It is hoped that they will lead to more discipline, focused creativity and of course, washboard abs and huge fucking biceps.

Just in time for beach season, which begins on Day 100 (March 10).