As I was walking into St. Peter’s Basilica today with a tour group I had to step around a man who was crouched down performing some sort of kissing ritual on the stairs. Not actually kissing the stairs, but kissing his hand and then kissing the stairs. At any rate that was fine until i felt him push into me. Enough to be shrugged off as an intentional accident, but a little off-putting since I failed to see what I had done wrong. Then I noticed hi push his way through the doorway in front of me. I thought he must be in a real hurry to confess something. But then as I charted his path through the church I realized the sin he was most guilty of was premeditated pushiness. There was an awkward start to my tour as I couldn’t take my eyes off this elderly man zooming through the church running into people. Not drunk and swaying, and not violent pushing, but just rude and sustained veering into unsuspecting churchgoers. I may try it sometime myself, when I too am old and crotchety.