Well this game should be easy to predict: ITALY ALL THE WAY!!!

…But of course it’s never that simple, this is the World Cup. This is the Italy that drew with the weakass American team, giving that team their first ever points against a European team in Europe. This is the team that only managed to beat Australia off a weak penalty call in injury time. This is a great Italian team playing below their potential. Basically the opposite of Germany.

However I predict that in yet another game that Italy should win handily, they will barely eke out a nerve-wracking victory. Much to the relief of every Italian, Italy fan, and expatriated Canadian living in Italy. The other option, the one I can-t dare to dream, is that the Italian offence will come alive for a barrage of goals. Led by a rejuvented Totti, and of course, with Luca Toni finally coming into his international tournament own. This is less likely. There is, of course, another darker option, and that is an upset by the Ukrainians. That idea is too painful to entertain; fortunately, it is also unlikely.