This is it, a replay of the World Cup 1998 Final. I predict just as much excitement and just as big an upset. Brazil has been having a nice walk of it this trip. And France has been sucking like a straw right up until the second half of their game against Spain. But now it’s all France baby. I’m not going to get caught out, like I did in the Round of 16, not picking one upset. It couldn’t be Germany Argentina, that’s a close even match, as is England Portugal. Ukraine Italy is a game I’m too personally invested in to predict an upset. So that leaves this game to be the shocker.

I’ve just recently started swinging punditry, just this summer, for the World Cup, and I’m still getting the hang of the fit, but this bold fresh gesture of picking an old useless ugly (and French) team over the mighty beautiful giants of Brazil is making me feel good. People can laugh it off if the expected happens and Brazil thrash France. But if France pulls a stunning upset than I look like a genius. Basically I can’t lose.