Despite the fact that both AS Roma and the Vancouver Canucks lost last night, I’m in good spirits. And not because Roma’s loss was technically a draw, no in fact it scuppers scudetto hopes as effectively as a loss. And no, not because Vancouvers loss was in a shoot-out, so they also gained a point. (NB. Why the fuck don’t the Canucks practice the shit out of the shootout? Surely somebody on the team should be able to put the puck in the net with nobody between them and the goal but the goalie. And if not, well then why don’t they learn how to do that? Because they keep dropping points due to their inability to put a puck in the net during 60 minutes, and then also fail to do so during the shootout.)

Nope, there’s games afoot here regardless of my vicarious living through my love-hate relationship with my beloved/behated professional sports franchises.

Music is being made, internet is being tested for its ability to support multi-pronged leveraging attempts at market domination, art is being creovated, trips are being planned, event outfits have been purchased, homes are being examined for their suitability to become flagship properties of the Millacioli/Maxcap Empire, auditions are underway, plays will be published, promotional materials drawn up and disseminated.

The above long list is not exhaustive.

These are exciting times, and not ‘interesting’ like the Chinese curse, but exciting, as in 2008 is shaping up to be a big one. Power Forces making Power Moves.

You may now go back to work.