So I had another job interview this morning. in Campo di Fiori, al centro. A famous square (find me one that isn’t!) with a pricy produce market. For a tour guiding outfit. Unlicensed, but seemingly reputable, they offer a job giving free tours, working on (shudder) comission. It’s certainly better than nothing (well, possibly). But I would be giving a free tour of the Vatican, working for tips, and then offering people the paid tour that afternoon or evening. By offering, I mean selling. Those who take the paid tour put some money in my pantalone. I’m not sure i’ve got the job, i’ve been remarkably uncharismatic and down at all my job interviews thus far. I think it’s the heat, the pollution and the fact I don’t have a job yet. I know boo hoo, it’s only been two weeks. But my shallow wells of wealth are drying up rapidly. So rapidly in fact that i’ve got eurosigns in my eyes at the thought of working for comission. But hell, watch a few tours, poach a few bits, strike up a little patter and strike it rich. Allegedly the money can be quite good, if people take the tour, and if they feel sufficiently grateful or shamed into tipping. It just remains to be seen if I get the job, and then if I can handle hocking my wares outside the Vatican. To which those who know me would reply. Um, yeah Ryan, I think so.
So that’s another phone call to wait on.
Meanwhile, let’s play ping-pong on the porch.
Si? A presto…