I have a friend who is known by all as DJ John. A decent guy from LA, semi permanently living here in Rome. Makes his living as a dj (hence “DJ John”) and tour guiding (hence how we know each other). We were chatting the other night and of course DJ plus rapper doesn’t always equal Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince buuuuut: we made plans to meet in his studio and make some beautiful music together.

So last night we hit the studio. He made some beats and I made some rhymes. I’m not sure the music was homogenously beautiful; a train wreck here, stumbled words there, but man was it nice to feel some creative juices flow. I was nervous at first what am I gonna say? But I got over it in a hurry because once it hits your lips…

I dug getting on the mic. I missed it. Between buying the new skateboard and freestyling again it’s like i’m having a late 20’s crisis. I hear when you hit forty guys buy a sports car or something and try and be youthful again. Kinda like i’m going through that phase a little early. But the truth is: it’s alot of fun. And i miss being creative. Tour guiding, as my friend Kaya said, isn’t production; it’s reproduction. It’s nice to make some production. Even if they’re wobbly, occasionally repetitive, freestyles.

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