Though not as extroverted in reality as I present, I definitely am an extrovert. I like people. I thrive on social contact. And years into pandemia, I don’t get enough of it.

But this year I’ve started changing my habits. Instead of wishing for more, I’m doing a bit more to make connections, reconnect with old friends, and stay connected,

  • I’m sending out to my mailing list once a month, give or take
  • I’ve taken over an Amsterdam-based Meetup group for writers, and am facilitating workshops and monthly get-togethers
  • I’ve sent a couple of birthday cards and a few small packages
  • I’m sending more texts, emails, videos and voice notes.

Seen like that, it doesn’t seem like much, but I realized I didn’t need (or have time for) a whole ton of social stuff. But I was craving more connection, more meaningful interactions, and so I’m doing my best to fan some embers. OH, and I’m also not trying to overwhelm people with stuff that suggests I’m needy. More like “Hey, thought of you…”

There’s plenty of good to be had from social time, from connecting with friends, from expanding your professional network, from telling people you admire that you admire them, from offering to help people who can use your help, from sharing. From being not just a better person, but a more human one.

Oh, and reaching out works both ways. So get in touch with me if you’d like.

I promise you a thoughtful response.