I had a job interview on Tuesday. I know because I received an email and a phone call telling me so. I was so excited I spent all weekend thinking about how my jobhunt had turned around. I had an interview time booked, and had even checked out their website. It was succinct. Punchy, even.

Then, on Monday I turned my laptop on. Too lazy to attempt their web address directly, I surfed over to Google. I started typing the name of the company with which I had an interview into the search field: “London Green Marketing.” I got as far as “London Green Mark-” before Google helpfully filled in the rest “-eting scam.”

Google, for those of you who don’t know, is an internet search engine that will attempt to help you in your internet query by guessing what you’re about to type, based on the frequency with which those word combinations are typed in around the world.

Turns out there’s something called a ‘recruitment scam’, that, according to the average internet user, this potential employer may be running. As far as I can tell, a ‘recruitment scam’ exists to wheedle a free days work out of hapless, over-keen job applicants.

The hustle consists of a short pre-screening interview, usually at a dodgy unmarked office (which you inevitably pass). Then you do a ‘trial day’ at the same unmarked office, where you get paid on commission. Or something. Maybe you go keep going back until you figure it out? Maybe they move the office in the middle of the night so you can’t go back? I don’t know. It’s very unclear. Maybe the obfuscation and disinformation is part of an elaborate conspiracy of silence.

It seems way more convoluted and involved – not to mention inefficient – than just actually hiring somebody to do a job.

Anyway, the good news is: the pre-screening interview went really well. I have my first trial day next week!