Republicans eat Shit

So, the emptywarhead Republicans, and Dubya in particular, were issued a sharp rebuke by the American voters.

Awesome. I’m kinda happy, but also a little cynical, I’m not sure that much will change, i’m not sure that much can change.

I mean, there’s still Dubya in the White House.
The Dems that did get elected were very centrist and mostly indistinguishable from the Republicans.
There’s been 6 years of a complete committefuck of the American political landscape, the economy, Iraq, global relations and so much Godblessing of America that I’m not sure a couple years of a paralyzed Congress and House can erase the 6 year trainwreck of the Bush presidency.

I mean, some stuff can get done I’m sure, but with control of the lower House of Reps, and at this point (at best) a 1 seat majority in Congress I predict, no matter how conciliatory the tones being adopted by the winners are, I predict partisan bickering for 2 years, and then the Republicans pointing to the fact in Presidential Race 2008, that the Dem’s haven’t done a fucking thing since taking over the House.

But I hope I’m wrong about that.

And I’m a Canadian that lives in Europe, so what the fuck do I know about the intricacies of American politics?

Very little, but enough to be disheartened by what goes on in the heart of the Evil Empire.

However, I will do my best to be slightly heartened by what happened in the election yesterday.

Eat it Bush, eat it with a big big born-againwar-mongering spoon.

That’s what comeuppance tastes like.

That’s what the American people want you to eat. And there in the bowl, smothered in comeuppance. That is crow. Eat that too.

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