Roads to Rome? Not any more.

Since I started this blog with its topical name four years ago, I’ve moved to Brussels, where it became Rues des Bruxelles. I’ve recently moved to London. Now what?

These are no longer Roads to Rome or Rues des Bruxelles. It’s now… “London Somethings” or “Somethings of London.” Or something.


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*Roman Road is the name of the major road off which our own street leads.

But unless you can come up with something better, or convince me otherwise, I’m already leading towards London Mews. Mews seem like a particularly English term to describe a particularly English thing. It’s also a pretty hilarious and apt homonym (Mews/Muse).

If you don’t like it, or any of the other options I’ve helpfully put into a poll for you above, you can choose your own term from this list:

alley, approach, arcade, avenue, bank, boulevard, brow, buildings, causeway, circus, close, cottages, court, crescent, croft, drive, embankment, esplanade, gardens, gate, grove, hill, lane, lawn, link, mead, mews, mount, parade, passage, pavement, place, promenade, quay, road, row, side, square, street, terrace, vale, view, villas, walk, wall, way, and yard. this list was taken from here.

Just combine the type of roadway/passageway with the word “London” and you’re there. Or get creative if you’re a creative type. Leave any ideas not listed in the poll in the comments.

Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: So we’ll go with ‘London Mews’ the far-and-away vote leader with 4 – including my own. The rest had zero. Although some pretty good ideas were also suggested in the comments. Thanks guys.