My workshop entitled Rock Paper Scissors: Management Tool, Leadership Strategy went down this morning.

PROS: It’s an excellent presentation. Thoroughly researched. Meticulously prepared powerpoint visuals. Suitable for large groups.

CONS: Participants were unfamiliar with meetings that require participation. Language/culture difficulties. Powerpoint projector didn’t work. Group was small.

Fortunately my enthusiasm, coupled with the handy visual aids of the slides (which I was forced to print out and display like a librarian at storytime) won the day.

However, the real ace in the hole, (or scissors up my sleeve, if you will) was the content itself. World RPS can teach you quite a bit about the game, and about life.

Maybe you should get me into your place of work to deliver a cracking presentation that will ease all of your office tension, make your wife fall back in love with you, and give you the courage you need to actualize your true potential.

This presentation could be about RPS, or it could be about whatever you want. Or alternately, whatever I want.

Do it.