I’ll be delivering my first workshop on Rock Paper Scissors Thursday morning.

The title of this interactive presentation is tentatively: “Rock Paper Scissors: Management Tool, Leadership Strategy.”

It covers everything from the origins of the game, to basic gameplay, to advanced strategies, to the practical applications in the workplace.

In these uncertain economic times any tactical advantage (in any arena) can be a real ‘game-changer’. Extensive knowledge of the strategies and psychology of RPS can swing the Ro-cham-bo over a lunchtime cheque to your advantage.

Or, if you’re worried about your job consider challenging your supervisor to a best 2of 3. Loser takes a paycut. Or a walk.

But don’t consider these options until you’ve considered my half-day workshop:

“Rock Paper Scissors: Management Tool, Leadership Strategy.”

Forewarned is forearmed. Forearmed like our forebears mean you won’t have to foreswear any advantage. Use your mind and:

Cover rock,
cut paper &
smash scissors!!

Naturally I am greatly indebted to the World RPS Society website for their assistance in my presentation preparation. I will in turn support them by buying a bad-ass ‘Scissors cut paper’ shirt with the screenprint above.

As I said, I am available to come to your organization and deliver this dynamic, delightful, useful, entertaining, educational presentation.

Game theory, dispute resolution, team bonding and strategic thinking… Don’t sleep on this opportunity, inquire NOW!

UPDATE: The workshop has been postponed, but when it goes down it will be awesome! Guaranteed.