The rest of the world has MacDonalds. Canada has Macdonalds and Tim Hortons. Everybody in this cold wide country loves the donut n’ coffee chain started by former hockey player Tim Horton. His jersey recently retired by the Buffalo Sabres, but his biggest contribution to Canadian culture defintely being in the realm of donut science. The cruller, the Boston cream, the double double…Krispy Kreme eat your heart out.

And speaking of eaten out hearts…

A discarded cup. An unrolled rim. A community torn apart. In small town Quebec two girls play she-said she-said as their families fight to claim a $29,000 SUV that was hidden under the rim of a tim Horton’s cup, allegedly found by one girl in the schools garbage can. When the girl couldn’t roll up said rim she enlisted her friend and together they found the prize. Now a school employee says it was his cup and everybodies fighting for custody of the prize. What nobody’s fighting for is to not look like a horribly greedy bad parent.

It’s a pity obviously, that the iconic Canadiana of Tim Hortons, and their adequately decent coffee can be caught ruining these families lives. Scandalous!!