They say ‘never read your reviews’. I always thought that was because if the reviews were bad, it could throw your confidence and affect future performances, etc.

That’s true, but there’s also a flip side: getting good reviews mean that you can get on an unsustainable high, riding an unnecessary and unhealthy ego boost.

And I’ve learned that there’s also a third option: getting mildly complimentary yet relatively indifferent reviews. That can be even more frustrating. What if your tree falls in the woods and makes a sound that people hear, only they’re pretty indifferent about the whole thing? Solve that koan for me, Zen.

Roman Around has gotten some reviews: none of the first sort, but a few of the latter two.

I’m just going to post some links so you can read what people who have been saying things about the show have been saying about the show.

In chronological order:

1. ★★★★ David Harrison reviewed my second preview on RemoteGoat.

2. ★★★ Steve Bennett of Chortle reviewed my final preview before Edinburgh.

3. ★★★★ Massive Fringe reviewer Three Weeks were the only media outlet to review my show while it was in Edinburgh.

4. Camden Voyeur came and after the show we had a little chat. The result is this nice write-up.

5. ★★★ Spoonfed came late, but still gave a pretty good (if occasionally wildly inaccurate) write-up.

6. ★★★★ Another RemoteGoat reviewer came to the Camden Fringe and gave the best explanation of what exactly the show is.

I prefer not to think of the critical assessment of Roman Around as three four-star and two three-star reviews. Instead, I like to think of it as 18 stars!!!!

Now booking for fall, winter, spring and next summer.