Exciting news for anyone who is interested in Roman Around, and especially those who “like” the show.

Roman Around: A Guided Tour of the Eternal City will be showing in Brussels for two nights only. December 10,11 at the Warehouse Theatre.

Tickets and info are here.

You may already know how awesome this show is, having seen it yourself. If not, I can vouch for its awesomeness. If that’s not good enough for you, and you’re wondering what the critics think, check out some reviews.

If you live in Brussels, you should definitely come. If you used to live in Brussels, you should tell all your friends there to come. I’d really like to play to a big happy audience of friends, well-wishers and Belgians.

Mostly, I’m super excited to get this show back on its feet and take it on the road. Especially since taking it ‘on the road’ means a reason to go back to Brussels and see a bunch of wonderful people, teach an improv workshop, have lekker Belgian beer, and share the stories, jokes and ‘invisible site-seeing that is Roman Around: A Guided Tour of the Eternal City.

Book tickets here.