Starting Saturday, Chiara and I will be back to Rome for the first time since our wedding. We’ll have 7 straight nights in the Eternal City of her Birth. While there we’ll get to be part of a communion and a wedding.

Except while being a tour guide I managed, in the 18 or so months we lived there, to more or less avoid going to the church and doing church things. Yet in one week, I’ll be right up in the Catholic church not once but twice. It was bound to happen.

The good news is that these occasions will be parties. The kind with good food, good people and good times. And alot of Italian language speaking going on. I can dig it.

It also represents a week off of work and off of Brussels. Nice!

So I call it a win. The only down side really, is that Roma (the football club, not the city) has broken my heart in two of the last three weekends (2-4 in the derby against Lazio, and 1-4 in the battle for Champions League qualification against Fiorentina. Ugh).

But enough about the depressing state of AS Roma fandom; we will be in the city to soak up friendship, family, wine, and history. Both history past, and history in the making. And we are both looking forward to it, as we return to prepare to re-launch.