I had a Roma party yesterday. With Romans. Real Romans. In Brussels. Rome beat Inter Milan 3-1 yesterday in San Siro. There was partying, cheering, yelling and chanting. All in Italian. It was beautiful. Nobody mentioned Manchester.

It’s too early to say Roma has recovered from their spectacular fall from the dizzying heights of Champions League Quarterfinals, but they’ve strung together two successive convincing victories. The first a 4-0 victory last Sunday, and most recently a powerful 3-1 against the runaway Serie A leaders Inter.

It was a beautiful game. Rome struck first in the end of the first half thanks to a beautiful finish from Perrotta. But Inter equalized on a spot kick in the second half. Why did they get a spot kick you ask? Well apparently a gust of wind created by Doni grabbing the ball in his penalty area bowled over Ibrahimovic, so Doni got a yellow card and Inter got a spot kick.

But rather than letting this egregious piece of bullshit refereeing get them down Roma struck for two goals in the last 5 minutes to hand Inter their first defeat of the season. Roma will still finish second, and it really only delays Inters scudetto party, but it was a beautful thing to see. And we Roma fans partied, oh how we partied.