So tour guiding is a finicky industry. The unregulated English speaking tours can really be given by anyone who’s capable of saying “Would you like a free tour?” Then as long as they can sell these people on another tour, they can make a living. There is no quality control and no regulations, which is why there are so many illegal (ish) tour guiding outfits here in Rome.

Plus one more.

Introducing Romulus Tours. Romulus the most famous brother killer since Cain slew Abel has spawned another unregulated tour industry upstart. Courtesy of me.

I’ve always hated working for the man. But in this most recent instance that man was just a hyperdefensive guy who offered very little in the way of support, but was happy to take the profits from my hard work (What Marx would call my “surplus labour.”) But because the tour guiding industry here really has very little in terms of overhead (printing costs for flyers, maybe a website) he really didn’t have much in the way of “Means of Production” to lord over me.

So I’m printing my own business cards and starting up another fledgling enterprise I may or may not be around to see to fruition (See MaxCap Comedy Enterprises). But the important thing is I get to be my own boss, which means I’m gonna get a huge fucking raise, and sweet perks. Coffeemaker for the office, staff outing to a soccer game tomorrow. You bet I’m gonna treat myself well, because I’m the only employee I’ve got. And I know hard workers like me are hard to find. I’d hate to lose me.