Moving sucks.

But it sucks alot less when you can get somebody with a van to help. And by ‘somebody’ I mean a strong, friendly, guy whose name rhymes with ‘Van’ and who owns a van.

After a bout of food poisoning on Friday coming hard on the heels of a week-long bout of procrastination, we were more than a little behind on our move prep. To complicate matters further, we realized we had quite drastically underestimated the amount of stuff we had to move.

No problem. Sam the Van Man arrived in his van, and together we loaded everything in the house into his van.

The van is pretty big, but when coupled with preternatural spatial arrangement abilities it can comfortably hold many boxes, awkward furniture, large house plants, a bike and even some cast-off items your neighbours are getting rid of. Trust me, I know.

And that evening Sam came and dropped everything off in London with the same helpful friendly attitude – all at a price less than any competitor. And less than a third of what some motherfuckers tried to charge us.

As far as a move goes, every single other thing has been a trial of some sort, but thanks to Sam, the actual physical move itself was actually stress-free and pretty cheap.

As a side note: the guy wanted to see the Atomium while he was in Brussels, but didn’t get the chance. So if you have a moving job in Brussels, I bet he’d really appreciate it.