I spent my time watching games in the fan centre today. A nice atmosphere down there. Family time, sunshine and alot of flag capes. Other than the constantly threatening sunburn there was no unease or danger or even claustrophobia. On the pitch England downed Paraguay by a score of 1-0. It started promising enough, but then in the 3rd minute a Beckham freekick glanced in off a Paraguay defender. The beer cups flew into the air at the Branderburg Gate, with much rejoicing. England then choked the life out of the game for the remaining 87 minutes. There were some moments, sure but it got a little dull.

Sweden 0 Trinibago 0.

A pretty exciting game despite the score. The Trinibagons celebrated the score at the end but the Swedes did not. Sweden deserved to win, they were the better team, but Trinibago managed to hold on and deflect the piercing attacking runs of the Swedes. Trinibago was also helped by their hard ass tackles. Those motherfuckers are mean. And their tenacity served them well after defender Avery John got sent off for a (hard-ass) dangerous tackle in the 46th minute. Makes it that much tougher for Sweden, who should´ve done better.