…of a legitimate magazine.

The Roman Forum.

Online at www.theromanforum.com. Or of course if you live in Rome you can pick a copy up at any decent edicola.

I’ve written some stuff that’s been published or produced before, in real life, though for the most part i’d be hard pressed to use both hands and be proud of the work that spurred me to uncurl digits on both of said hands.

However, hopefully this is the expansion in a new direction of more authorial and writerly pursuits.

Besides this blog, I’m currently working on a couple of screenplays and an article for another magazine, tentatively titled New Mag London. Or atleast that’s how it’s referred.

Anyone my net income from writing is so far: One lunch that my friend Howard (an editor at The Roman Forum) bought me. While literally putting food on the table, it’s not exactly the step before me quitting my day job.

butone day…


ormaybe i cankeepmoonlighting…