I’m taking this show on the road.

September is exciting because I’ve got some reasons to travel this month. I’m going to Brighton and Amsterdam, two of my favourite small, laidback cities positioned in the vicinity of water with strong improv cultures, respectively.

And I’ve got shows and workshops to do. Very exciting, as I’ve been working on lots of new stuff, both performance and training-wise. These sojourns will be a chance to share them.
On Sunday 16 September I’ll be teaching a workshop for The Maydays in Brighton. It’s called ‘Taking it easy’, and is about getting more out of your improv by doing less. It’s sold out already, so that’s awesome.

Sometimes scenes can seem like hard work; like we can’t get anything going. Rather than trying harder, the problem may be that we’re trying too hard already. This workshop is designed to help you (and your scene partner) get out of your own way.

Through exercises and game play we will focus on making truthful, quality scenes that are fun to play and watch. This workshop will help improvisers uncover the scene that wants to be played, instead of the one you are trying to force it to be.
Suitable for intermediate improvisers

Then, on the following weekend I’ve got a whole bunch of improv stuff in Amsterdam:

This is Amsterdam, where I’m going in a couple of weeks.


I’ll be part of the season-opening easylaughs show. I’ll be doing Marbles – a completely unstructured fully improvised show, in a foreign country, all by myself. For a half hour. I’m scared.
And delighted.

I’ve been working lots on solo improv lately, so I’m quite excited to take this out and share it. Plus, it tends to be lots of fun. Plus, afterwards I’ll join the EasyLaughs gang for some more improvised funtimes.


The idea that ‘relationships’ apply only to your scene partner is limited. This workshop plays with the idea of relationships by exploring different types of connections in improv: to ideas, to ourselves, to our environment, to our scene partners, to the audience, to the theatre. And so on.

This workshop will help us draw on anything and everything on-hand to create scenes. Using presentations techniques, attitudes, riffs, deep listening and some other stuff, we’ll add some new tools to our improv. Whether shortform, longform or going solo, we don’t need to make big waves, we just need to ride the ripples.
Suitable for intermediate improvisers.
Put on by EasyLaughs and made possible thanks to a grant from AllImprov

I’ll be playing in this fully improvised show at the newly-renovated Leidseplein Theatre, with some old and new friends. Looking forward to this.