If you were wondering what kind of improv hilarity you missed on Sunday, it was this type.

Slide Show
– A good opener. The narrator justifies the positions of his scenmates in tableau behind him. Narrator was Andy. Suggestion was “Skiing in Hawai’i. It went alright.
Radio Dial- Everybody all in a line, and I moved up and down the radio dial. The genres were good, but the actors use of them was limited. ANdy with “commerical sports” was nice, as was Diana’s Old Time Gospel. Suggestion was “Man Bites Dog”
Scene without the letter “S”- Not bad work. Always fun for the audience to yell gameshow buzzer noise at the actors when they say ess, or wimp. Locations of a “rollerrink” and “ship during a storm”
Genre/Emotion/Country Rollercoaster- DJ John and Andy took this one. It was dentist patient and they stuck with it and moved the scene forward. John’s blaxploitation brought the house down.
Stage Directions- This is a tricky game, with each scene partner giving the stage directions for the other. Especially tough with 3. But they pulled it off. Well. Ilaria was the standout, inserting a love triangle substory. Suggestion was backyard party.

INTERMISSION- Who doesn’t like to get a drink at intermission. Bartender was slow, but break was had.

Back Line Exploration-
I shoehorned this in because I wanted it in. Just a collection of ideas inspired by a suggestion. Suggestions were frying pan, and fire hydrant. Actors went literal, audience stayed with us. It was my fault for not setting up the parameters to be wider, ie. the audience was expecting literal ideas, which is off course very limiting. I will make it work, but it didn’t really this show.
Arms Expert- Always kills. Mouse experts. Really had to telegraph suggestions ot get the arms to do their thing, but they did and laughs were got.
Entrances and Exits- Kinda flubbed because actors lost their cue words and though the scene platform was good it just trailed off. Suggestion was a supermarket.
Instant Exit (cut)- wanted to play this game where any actor who says or does something that gets a laugh must leave. Because previous scene didn’t get many laughs though it wasn’t right.
Half-Time- Always funny. And zany. Didn’t really soar though because it was kinda static, but fortunately the format is such that it gets exciting, or at least feels like it does. Prisoner and guard were the suggestions.
Freeze Tag- Why not? Plus it gave me the chance to play, so I did.

So the show was good enough, and has given some impetus to find another space to do weekly or at least bi-weekly performances, which I’d like to do before I get outta here.