Belgium politics is nothing if not wackywackywacky.

Parliamentary protest party NEE (Dutch for ‘NO’) put forth candidate Tania Derveaux. In the vein of politicians making huge promises they can’t capitalize on, the protest party started a parody campaign with a naked poster of Tania and the offer of 400.000 jobs. But, as depressed as areas of Belgium are, it seems ‘blow’jobs were preferred over ‘gainful employment’, and like any good quality politician Tania listened to her public.

Tania is offering 40.000 blowjobs. However despite the incredulous nature of this promise, Tania seems to be serious: NEE has in fact done all the necessary calculations: 500 days, at 80 blowjobs a day.

I don’t really understand it at all. But that’s Belgium for you: completely inscrutable.