Chiara and I went to Siena for the weekend. Siena is a totally sweet little medieval town. Home of the pretty-world-famous Palio, where contrade (districts) race horses in the square. It’s a hundreds of years old big deal. Districts like the Ostrich compete against the Gryphon and the Caterpillar and stuff. I’ve never been, but I bet it’s hot shit.

It’s also less likely to be raining in July. As opposed to late Novemeber when we went. However we still squeezed out a good visit, including Saturday night dinner with two friends from there. Girls that we knew in Amsterdam. Their Englishisn’t very good but the shoe was on the other foot as I struggled with my Italian and missed all the subtle jokes.

But it was, most of all, nice to get away, and ncie to see some of the boot, and nice to see some friends. The puddles don’t matter much in a hilly town, as long as you don’t stand at the bottom.