Might need to be looking for some extra work other than this tourguiding racket. Come September I might have to get a little more resourceful. Apparently sightjogging is hiring… http://www.sightjogging.it/index_eng.html. That’s jogging tours through Rome. Seriously. Unfuckingbelievable!

I’m definitely half-qualified to be a jogging tour guide.

I’m half entertaining the idea but, really, it sounds tiring. If I can ever run around a soccer pitch and not end up sore for three days afterwards maybe it’ll work. I can’t believe there’s a market for it…

But, the other day I gave a private tour to some New Yorkers of: The Colosseum, Ancient Rome, The Capitol Hill, the Jewish Ghetto, The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel… in 3 hours. You can imagine how in-depth it wasn’t… we were practically jogging. So maybe I am ready after all.

I don’t think so.