So this Thursday I give my first Vatican Museum Sistine Chapel tour. I’m going to the big show, getting called to the majors. It’s kind of a big deal because the ceiling of the Sitine Chapel is widely considered to be the best work of art of the Renaissance, perhaps ever. And there’s no disputing that it’s a phenomenal project in it’s scope, depth and artistic merit. I’m currently laden down with books on the subject and am ready to take the plunge. I’m excited and nervous, but mostly excited, there are so many interesting details about that, as well as other works of art in the museum that the real trick is making the tour shorter than 3 hours. The Laocoon? Apollo Belvedere? Gallery of Tapestries? Gallery of Maps? Nero’s Bathtub? Helloooo? This shit is off the hook! Plus of course the School of Athens and the Chapel itself!

Almost overnight I became a big renaissance art nerd, y’see. Like they say “When in Rome…”