I went skateboarding today. Just for a little while. It reminded me of skateboarding oh say fifteen years ago in two ways: One is was really fun. Crisp november sunshine, greasy wheels and me splashing around, not accomplishing much but having fun. Good clean wholesome fun. Two: people looked at me like I was an alien. I guess they don’t have Tony Hawk Pro Skater in this country or something. Danny Way can huck a huge 360 over the Great Wall of China, but here in Pietralata (my neighborhood) they remain blithely unaware of the recreational possibilities of a four-wheeled plank. I guess that’s why it’s called the old world.


Skateboarding those few days ago, in the sun, alone, getting sweaty. Pushing around ollieing a little, it reminded me how much I enjoy skateboarding. So I bought myself a new deck. It’s been proper 5 years or more since i’ve had a crisp deck beneath my feet. Not that it makes a huge difference when one is just rolling to the bus stop, but I forgot how good it feels. So I bought a new one. Not a good deal, but a sacrifice worth making. I think of Tony Hawk still skating at, what is he, 40 now? And I realize that it’s not so crazy. I suppose you could make the case that he’s really fucking good and a pioneer and the emperor of a multimedia skateboarding empire so it makes all kinds of sense for him to continue, but who’s gonna stop me? Not you, surely.