From one favorite island to another Saturday morning.

Woke up on Grey Rocks Private Paradise Island. Made my way to Tsawwassen for another boat ride into Victoria to connect with dad, brother, and jay for a mans fishing trip.

It was awesome, with barbecue, drinks, poker, darts and a 5:30 am breakfast of toast eggs and tomatoes and potatoes.

Then we set out in the orangey grey dawn for Sooke Marina, to encounter our entrepid guide Ron. We made our way out of the basin towards secretary island. Ron baited anchovies put a little “bend” in them and we dropped them into the water to trawl around and catch salmons. Coho or Spring, we weren’t picky.
Because I missed last years trip, where they caught 11 salmon, I was given first crack at the rod. That means as soon as there’s a bite the rod is handed to me to reel the bastard in, and then it’s my catch. We just cycle through throughout the day.
Almost immediately there was a bite. I reeled in a salmon! It was a Coho, less than 10lbs, and also was wild, which meant the little guy got to live to see another day. Only fair, and besides, we wnated to get that hook back in the water to catch another fish!

But we didn’t.

That little throwback was the only fish to get near our boat that day. However we certainly didn’t expect that to be the case because 5 minutes after the release of that salmon their was a big “strike,” on the other rod. My dad grabbed it and set to work. However there was some tangled line and the fish was able to sneak off. Too bad, he was a biggie. And the only action we were to see for the rest of the day.

Dad and I retreated into the cabin to wait our turns (which we were certain were impending) and Darren and Jay manned the rods.

Until noon.

Then we turned around and went in.

Fishing is like gambling: losing means only that you’re more determined to get back in, get on a lucky streak. You’re convinced it’ll happen. Plus you get a boat ride, which you don’t get otherwise, unless you’re on one of those riverboat casinos.