Slapdash is coming up in very little time – it’s a little more than a month away – and I’m getting stupid excited. The lineup we have this year is ridiculous. I mean really ridiculous. In the sense that we’ve got lots of people I really like and respect coming to perform from far-flung (and less far-flung) places.

And I get to be there too!

Here’s the list of shows, here’s the list of workshops.

We’ll be announcing our Ensemble in the coming weeks, but I can already say that it’s a crack team of brilliant performers, and I can’t wait to see them work together.

The mash-up of Lee White from CRUMBS and Rene Dellefont from Dad’s Garage performing CRUMBS Garage. My old friend Dave Morris, and his fiancee Missie Peters coming out to do Speakeasy – their improvised poetry show. We’ve also got Will Luera and some of the Improv Boston crew coming out to perform Big Bang, their fantasic fluid longform show. Check them out here.

All of the above people will also be teaching daylong workshops.

I actually just went through the whole list of performances, and I can honestly say that I’m genuinely excited about every single one of them.

Since getting involved in Slapdash a few years back it’s been one of my favourite weeks of the year. I love the feel of the Nursery Theatre in Southwark, I love meeting and/or reconnecting with amazingly talented people from all over, and performing with, learning from, and watching them.

Slapdash also has another purpose for me now: it gives me a reason to get to go back to London. A city I once lived in, and love (sort of). And now the improv scene there is both blooming and booming and I love getting to be a part of it, even if for just one action-packed week a year.

I guess the main point here is that there’s a great mix of shows and workshops on the Slapdash website, so go check it out and get excited. Especially if you live in London or find yourself London-accessible.

And there’s even a few surprises that haven’t been announced yet, so keep checking back. And book yourself some workshops and shows, because I expect that they will sell out, as they generally do.