London’s Slapdash International Festival runs from 5-10 June

The improv scene here is in mid-explosion and London needs a big international improv festival. Companies like Showstopper, and Austentatious and events like last weekend’s 50-hour Improvathon have been getting mainstream comedy plaudits and David Shore’s improv classes have been drawing in stand-ups and sketch comedians by the bushel-load.

Plus there are weekly improv nights courtesy of The Wilmops, GTI, Hoopla and of course London Improv; there is tonnes of stuff happening.

But what I thought was missing was a collaborative sustained festival, a place to showcase styles and things that people are working on, here and abroad, and share skills and generally meet up with people from all over and work and share the craft. A festival of improv, if you will.

And I believe you will.
So I approached Jules Munns, of the Nursery, and man behind the Slapdash Festival. The Slapdash Festival started in 2010 at the Old Vic Tunnels, to showcase the best in UK improvisation. Over the two years since, the festival has grown substantially, but after a couple of initial meetings we’ve decided to go big.

We’ll be bringing improvisers from all over, from Vienna to Vancouver and points in-between. Guys like Jacob Banigan and Jim Libby from Vienna, Rod ben Zeev from Amsterdam and Alistair Cook from Vancouver, not to mention Parrallelophonograph from Austin Texas. Pretty much a crackerjack all-star international assemblage of avengers.

We’re also assembling a local ensemble, and some of the finest groups to put together an incredible week of programming.

I’m blogging about it because:

  • I’m super-excited about the schedule of performances and workshops
  • I need your help to spread the word. Tweeterize, Facebookerate or tell people with your very own mouth. Let’s make this big!
  • We’ve got an Indiegogo campaign and are looking for supporters to help us fund this endeavour. therea re some super sweet rewards, so contribute and help out. It’s fun and everything!

Also, get some tickets and come down, I’ll see you there.