Aaaah, Sunday, the day of rest. For me, not World Cup teams, who played while I watched and rested.


A battle. Not an ugly red card filled war like the ugly game between USA and Italy, but a hard fought struggle between two evenly matched teams, desperate for 3 points. In the end they fought to a draw, and though it was nil nil,it was not without it’s excitement. Still, I don’t care that much about these teams so I was content to just check in on the match intermittently.

Since well before the World Cup began I had this game pegged for a draw. I was wrong. But not far off the mark. Brazil still looking well below form. Particularly fat Ronaldo, who though not as fat as everybody says, still looked fumbly out there, though his deft touch on the ball set up Brazil’s first goal. Ronaldinho, Mr. Fancy, World Cup Would-be Star, still hasn’t done shit. Both those shitbags are on my fantasy team. At any rate I was cheering for Australia, the newbies, the Mighty Ducks, the closest kin to Canada in the World Cup. It could’ve been a different game if Harry Kewell hadn’t skied the ball over the bar. Late in the game Brazilian keeper Dida fumbled the ball in the penalty area, it landed, by lucky coincidence, right on Kewell’s foot. He hoofed it as hard as he could waaaaaaay over the bar. What a pity. In the end Brazilian substitute Fred tapped in a late goal to end Australia’s chance of a ocmeback. Anyway other than Brazil, who are advancing, this group could be anybodies. Let’s hope Australi come out well against the Croats.

Oh France. Come on. After leading for much of the game France surrendered a very late goal to S. Korea meaning this group is really anybodies. Except maybe Togo’s. Double Z didn’t do much, except earn himself a suspension from the next match, and Henry didn’t look too sharp neither. Though he did score. Chiara and I watched this game over a scrabble match, eating pesto pasta and schadenfreuding the French, as us Italians do.