Good old world, still suspended in space and rotating consistently

It’s already the end of the year. Congratulations world, on carrying on through another cycle.

As for me, I thought I’d use the end of the year to look back on what was a big year for me, in terms of well, just about everything.

But I’ll save that for later, and for now, I’m just posting links to some of my favourite posts from this blog. Many of them were also quite popular, so there you go. Taste matters, and we tend to have quite similar ones.

So here’s a few favourite posts, of mine and yours.

A Grand Entrance at the Expat Centre: Shortly after arriving in Amsterdam, I had quite an embarrassing moment.

3000 bows, or sore knees vs egos: Tied into doing my experiences doing hapkido in London, this is a story about ego getting in the way.

A man gets tired of London (it happens): Some reflections on three years of living in London.

Embracing your mistakes: When you make as many as I do, it’s good to be philosophical about them.

Historical excursions in modern Rome: I love Rome, for its history, for its present, and for how I’m reminded of my history when I’m there.

Supposedly fun things: The Heineken Experience: I went to the Heineken Experience with my dad, and was surprised at how much fun we had.

Supposedly fun things: Alkmaar Cheese Market: I went to Alkmaar to see the cheese market with my parents and was surprised at how boring it was.

Write drunk, edit sober, brunch hungover: I had a bit of an epiphany about the writing process. Possibly while under the influence.

Premature nostalgia: This one’s a bit poignant, at least for me.

Amsterdam, 10 years on: Here’s me looking even further back, at the first time I came to Amsterdam, and how that changed my life.

The open roads: american travels by rented car: A real-life highlight of this year was travelling around the southern US with Chiara for a few weeks in October. This tells much of that story.