Year-end is the perfect time to look back on what’s preceded in the 365 or so days prior. Usually in some particular genre (like ‘Love Songs’ or ‘Action Movies’).

As far as London Mewsings is concerned, here are some blogposts that I particularly enjoyed, am proud of, or were popular. And, I’ve even loosely organised them into categories.

Consider this the Coles’ Notes version, for those of you who don’t want to go back and read every single post I wrote in 2012. Although you’re also welcome to do that.

Contemporary Issues
The Samantha Brick Lesson
Federer’s a Dick (as is any Good Anatagonist)

Reviews of things
Advanced Phrenology at Wellcome
Mike Birbiglia’s Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
Mad Hatter’s Tea at The Sanderson
London Design Festival

A fiction
Post Valentine’s Madness

Some personal Highlights
Tackling Solo Improv (or 1mprov)
Slapdash Improv Festival 2012
Three Tigers on my 35th Birthday
The Serenity of Kicking Ass: Hapkido

Thoughts and Ideas
The Ripples of Local Eating
750 words a day: simply writing
The Proud History of Networking
Spice up your Twitter Feed