Whoo boy!

Last night, tournament top scorer, Spain striker David Villa was subbed off in the 37th minute. Bad news for Spain right? Nope. Midfielder Cesc Fabregas came on and the whole damn Spanish crew unlocked gazoodles of space and ripped open Russia for 3 goals. The final two were assisted on directly by Mr Pocket Dynamo Fabregas.

I watched the game on Italian TV as usual and towards the end of the game the commentator basically lost his shit and just started crowing about the Spanish passing game “look at them pass! Back and forth, back and forth! So fluid, creating so much space!!”

And indeed, that’s what happened. Russia, a team that made some others look very ordinary (Hello, Holland!) were themselves made to look pretty mdeiocre last night. A Spanish side gifted with an embarrassment of quality and a fluid, attacking game, will go on to face a likewise talented Germany.

The big winner is us: the fans. I think this could be a very good final indeed.