Last week I went to Amsterdam. I got to do a Heineken Late Night at Boom Chicago, see a Crumbs show and briefly say hi to interpid canadian longform improv touring duo Steve and Lee.

Awesome to get some improv into my life, if only for a weekend. And sadly, I was unable to participate in Steve’s workshop on Sunday. I would’ve loved to but cashflow is tight and I still hadn’t finished laying down vocals for my new hip hop album.



In an alter ego I’m a rapper. Rapper me teamed up with soon-to-be Australian expat Shortcut Kid, and Dutchstralian expat Creaseless Ben to form Overboard.
Now at work on an e.p. called F.I.T.
That’s pretty awesome as far as I’m concerned.
Because I like yelling/rapping.

All in all, Amsterdam was a good good time. Visiting with some old friends and flicking sparks at more than one creative pursuit.

This week started with a rehearsal yesterday for Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo. Get to Brussels late September for some solid English language political farce theatre. Featuring me. Really excited to be in on that project. I gotta good feeling. And alot of lines. Alot.

Scripted acting is the opposite of improv. Because with improv, (a) golden rule is ‘anything you say is correct.’ That is, whatever you say will be accepted by the other actors and built into the story. With regular theatre, only one thing you say is correct. So you better say it. Still we got plenty of rehearsal time left. And the process is fun.

As well I’ve been working on some stand-up and sketch comedy. Trying to follow up random jokes and offhand comments, massage them and see if they can’t grow up into bigger concepts.

Someone has told me I should channel my energy at one pursuit, and that seems like a good idea. A good idea. Not the good idea. For now I’m gonna keep throwing everything I got at everything I want to.

And then write a book.

Or make a movie.

Or paint a picture.