The Eruption of Eyjafjallajökul last month wreaked havoc on European air traffic, but at least something cool has come out of it

On April 20 Andrew Losowsky wrote on his blog, “If there’s one thing my ol’ ma taught me, it’s that when life gives you volcanoes, make magazines.” He sent out an open call to “designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, art directors and anyone else who is stranded by the ash cloud, and would like something to do.” Within the day he had established contact with 30 fellow strandees.

Losowsky knows magazines: he writes about them for the Wall Street Journal, as well as having edited the books We Love Magazines and We Make Magazines.

He was also recently stranded in Dublin for eight days on his way home to Providence, Rhode Island – so there’s nobody more qualified to bring together a magazine inspired by the recent disruption of air traffic. After going through working titles include Grounded, SkyFail, and Someday We’ll Fly Away, the magazine is now officially known as ‘Stranded‘.

Each of the contributors was given the same two simple tasks: take a photo of the bed you slept in, and go to a bar, ask the bartender to create a drink called the Volcano and write down the recipe.

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UPDATE: Stranded magazine is now available.