Levi’s has new jeans out. The line is known as Levi’s Streetwear Collection. For some years now I’ve been enjoying thinking of jeans not as clothing, but as a project.

For someone who sucks at DIY (like myself), breaking in raw denim goes right up there with assembling IKEA furniture as a project. But it’s better than IKEA because breaking in denim has the advantage of being personal and custom fitting.

Now my mind has changed again. Because this new line of Levi’s is the opposite of raw, and I love them.

The Cordura fabric has more than 4x the resistance to abrasion compared to regular denim, and all jeans feature thick black bar tacks at all stress points, triple-layered belt loops and a reinforced back pocket. They’ve also got some elastane for extra mobility, plus tonnes of other features, like a Black Tab and rubber coated hem.

The whole ethos – street-built and hard-wearing – sells me from the off, and I’m not alone, they’re selling out in selected stores across the UK.

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Levi’s® Streetwear Collection- Look Book Fall 2011 from LEVI'S® on Vimeo.

Full disclosure: I’ve been doing some copywriting for Levi’s Streetwear.
Fuller disclosure: I’m wearing a pair right now, and never want to take them off.