Sound Wave, via Oddee

Crazy obsessed about the US Election happening today? Me too. Dying to find out the results. Larry David feels your pain. Here’s some stuff you can do while (or instead of) obsessively refreshing pages has a helpful list of movies to avoid exit polls by.

Good idea. Though they don’t list some other good political films, like The Candidate.

I however, recommend something more gripping, more visceral, and with more opportunities for fist-pumping. I suggest something that will end in time to watch exit polls, conjecture and punditry flow in.

Tonight, focus your nervous election-night energy on willing a real underdog to compete on a level playing field, against financial disadvantages, defy the pundits, and make a storybook ending.

Of course, I’m speaking of the AS Roma vs Chelsea Champions League match tonight.

That’s right! Tonight, November 4 you can still root for the underdog, and not feel like a total douche. Another douchebag!

UPDATE: Incredible. Chelsea doesn’t lose often, but they did tonight. 3-1 for the good guys. (Highlights) Thanks for your help. To a brighter future…

Forza Roma!