Woke up late today, best intentions and early rising resolutions don’t stand a chance against the weekend. Went and bought some rugs and a BBQ and a DVD player from some people who are moving. Thanks xpats.com, for connecting the IKEA-shopping, frequently-relocating expat community.

Also got a chance to try out my new football at the park. In fact I joined a pick-up game. Wet and slippery, but a big bonus that there’s a ‘court’ just down the street from our house. I expect that’ll be more useful in say, June. But gives me a place to burn off some energy and hone my skillz. Yeah. Spelled with a zed.

Then it was off to get the lay of the land at the Warehouse Theatre, site of my improv workshops. It looks good. The workshop space is useful, which I knew from rehearsals and other workshops, but today was the first time I looked at it with a facilitators eye, and it’ll be perfect, provided the heating stays on.