I was exhausted. We all were. Two consecutive weekends in improv bootcamp had decimated our ranks; the hardiest of us were pale and weakened. Even our dominant power forward suffered from crippling diarrhea by the last Sunday.

However, even the diarrhea stricken turned out on Sunday evening: each and every one confident and paradoxically nervous, yet above all, ready.

Pulses quickened, palms sweated, meaningful glances were exchanged…

By the time all was said and done, the nine performers and their ebullient teacher/host had put together a memorable show. There were highs and lows, but the highs were really fucking high, and the lows not really very low at all. Each and every performer on that stage had honest, committed, laugh-generating moments that showed they had internalized the drill sergeant/teachers teachings.

The audience, for their part, sat back and laughed. And clapped, on more than half a dozen occasions, in the middle of a scene, in response to a particularly remark or flash of brilliance. By all eyewitness accounts it was an excellent evening of entertainment.

Scan of the original show setlist. Original available on eBay. Accept no copy.